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Which of the illustrious Alan Rickman's characters are you?

You are P.L. O'Hara from the movie 'An Awfully Big Adventure'. You're a wistful, jaded, talented stage actor/artist, who is forced to confront his painful past. You enjoy painting, you do a funny dance, you play a great Captain Hook, and you accidentally slept with the 16-year-old daughter son you didn't know you had. And then you killed yourself. On the plus side, you're one of the sexiest characters Alan Rickman ever played. Baby, you shake that incestuous ass! you're on FIRE!
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The answers to this quiz were even better than the questions, which were ridiculous so to say.

"It was a Snape thing"


Whilst I was floating around Manchester Airport last week, I stumbled across the new issue of DeathRay, covering HP. I decided to buy it because it seemed to have a pretty good article in it about filming OotP, interviews and general information. I didn´t regret buying it, as a matter of fact I enjoyed reading about the speculations for the last book.

About the making of:
"Rowling has given her approval. She is a constant catcher for the productions - every time they decide to slice something out, they have to call, just to make sure nothing vital is being excised. There was only once, says producer David Heymen, where she said it may be better if we didn´t. It was a Snape thing."

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Brace yourselves and I´m not kidding you

Like I told catsplay in my previous post, I´ve got another THUD MOMENT IN HIGH RES with you to share. Now, I know you all are going to get mad with this one, believe me you will!!! What you have seen before is NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING like what you are going to watch now. That´s why I waited a bit to let you all calm down and get back to earth so you could all reload your systems. *cough*

Obviously Alan didn´t attend the HP premiere so that made me decide to share my cautiously hidden treasure with you all right now. Like a "cheer you up after a downer." Mind you, the download is a huge one (83.93 MB) but if you have the possibility to download it, please do. I promise you, you won´t regret it.

start your engines over here

I will post the You Tube version later this week.


Due to some urgent requests, I decided to delete the You Tube version. I´m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Cats, I hereby permit you to screencap the movie in your own obsessive inimitable way, like you did with the previous one.

Please let me know if you enjoyed it.

Hugs Peek

Oh by the way, tissues and cleanex are available at the right hand corner. So are towels, washing sinks and dryers. *cough*

Please do not redistribute. Ownership of this footage belongs to peeekaboooh
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Home at last! My o my what a weekend.

Thursday when I drove home from work, I noticed that hikity_2001 sent me a sms. It had only two words in it; "saw him." With my heart beating in my throat, I called her up to hear the latest news about her close encounter. Well, she shared it with you all so I don´t have to repeat it. *lucky woman* But this made me regretting that I didn´t leave sooner than Friday for Manchester.

Okay, Friday! I left home very early (6.30 a.m. if you must know) and catched the train to Amsterdam. My plane left in time and in Manchester I took the Cab to our hotel, like Hikity recommended. I love being in an English Cab, talking to the English drivers. When I´m there, I always want to absorb as much English as I possibly can. Unfortunately the driver was from Pakistan...
Well he tried his best and we had a good laugh (managed to hear all of his family life, *duh* like I wanted to know...) but he hadn´t heard of the festival!?! Now what was that supposed to mean?

But you don´t want to know what happened before and after our meeting so let´s just get to that moment (okay a little before). We entered Bridgewater Hall at 6.45 and found out that Mr. Rickman was already backstage. So we just sat in the Hall having something to drink when I noticed a familiar face. I yelled and then grigorisgirl joined us. We had a little chat right before we heard an announcement to find our seats quickly.

We weren´t aware of the settings at the time of booking the tickets. Hikity bought us tickets in the front row on the left side... right in front of members of the orchestra. You gotta love Hikity for asking one member where Alan was supposed to sit. We were tolded it would be on the right side of the centre. That made Hikity decide to ask the two gentlemen directly in front of Alan´s chair to change seats with us. I´ll never manage to understand how she did it, but we changed tickets! Gosh, we had the best places to have a wonderful glimpse at the man!

Now, imagine a entire orchestra on stage, plus the conducter in the middle and the two singers positioned before him, with on his right side, the narrator! Still we didn´t know what to expect. Was it just a moment of ten minutes or would he be there all time? We would soon find out.

What surprised me was the fact he didn´t only tell the story but he actually was part of the performance. He played Rai the photographer. Though he didn´t walk or dance (like if there was any space left on stage), he performed his role with superb empathy. With his magnificent voice he controlled every single word, with his marvellous timing he controlled every scene he was in.

I just sat there and drooled, really that was the right word. And I kept thinking how very sorry I was for not being able to share the performance with you by recording it. That would have been awesome. Unfortunately it was not possible. Then suddenly I realized how very lucky I was. For all the years that I have been a fan of Mr. Rickmans work, I dreamt of seeing him on stage. Realistic enough I thought that moment would never come. This performance however was as close as a stage performance could be! And I felt very lucky for having had this opportunity.

All too soon it ended cause I could have listened to him the entire weekend! Even before we heard applause, Hikity took her camera and had a nice shot of the man while he was still sitting on his chair (she will share those when she comes home). Now, that made me decide to film a bit and it came out wonderfully.

*drum roll and sound of trumpets*

prepare to faint and don´t tell me I didn´t warn you!!!

enter this Mega Upload file of 53 MB at own risk

For those who cannot download this, I provided a

You Tube version

Now watching the video over and over and over and over as I know you all will do, *LOL* tell me how much you luuuurrrrvvvve the fact he´s glancing nonchalantly into my camera for a couple of seconds!

Afterwards we waited at the Artists Entrance where he soon showed up. Hikity took some lovely pictures which she will share with you when she comes home. She also took a lovely picture of Ana but I´ll leave it to Ana if she will post it or not.

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Later on we went to the Pavilion which is the centre of the Festival. Of course Alan was there as well and we had a nice view of him eating, drinking, chatting, hugging and shaking hands. *thud* Rima was there too (she was in the Hall as well).

Okay, I have to go now. I hope you enjoyed this rambling. Like I said, Hikity has some lovely pictures to share with you so please be patient.

Please do not redistribute. Ownership of this footage belongs to peeekaboooh