Make an important decision today - Get yourself a pair of Elevator shoes! Wouldn't it be wonderful to get the answer for
Alan Rickman height?

Hey, don´t ask me. I´m as puzzled as you are.
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Who wants a cARd??

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It´s that time of year again! If you want ARelated Christmas cARd from Holland, send me your name and address.


Hugs Peek

call me irresistible

Horked from almost everyone on my f-list.

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

Nope, I will not reply to the stars. Not a single word will come from my mouth. I will not tell you that I disagree with all things the stars are telling me. I won´t, I won´t, I won´t.
I´m a lover not a fighter you see. *cough*

And to make this entry some eeny weeny tiny bit Alan related, this is what the stars say about Alan:

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

I ask you, do you see something from Alan back in these couple of words? To be honest, I do. I like to find out if that kissing thingy is correct though. *cough* Let me know what you think about it.
peek a who

Rada lunch

Apparently Alan joined a lunch on behalf of Rada in the Dorchester Hotel, October 25th of this year.

Pictures are available over here, starting with page 6.

Huge thanks to hikity_2001 for pointing us in this direction and to "ME" from the AR Downloadhaven for finding the gorgeous pictures.

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Just an obsessive sidenote: notice Alan drinks white wine and then switches over to red during lunch. *snort*

Patrick Doyle Concert (Part: sorry lost counting)

These are going to be the last video´s I´m about to post. Really with all the uploading, downloading, naming, renaming and YouTubing I´m lost in a forest of chaos. I hope you all enjoyed the tapes as much as I did. As I said before, there is no such fun as shared fun and how I wished you could all have joined this memorable evening. We could have squeeed and drooled together. For now I hope I succeeded in giving you an impression of the evening. I still intend to write a report though, so stay tuned.

Once again a HUGE thank you to catsplay for the personalizing and screencapping things. *hugs*

Celebrities come on stage to bow in front of the audience. Did HE or did HE not peek into my camera?

Link (62 MB):

You Tube:

See how lovely lovely Emma Thompson coordinates final bow and don´t you just adore Alan´s cute smile? *melts*

Link (19 MB):

You Tube:
coffee -heart

Patrick Doyle Concert Part III

This one is dedicated to adaveen. Take a look at Kenneth Branagh.

I think I´m your new competitor. Men is he cute!

Small part of St. Crispin´s Day (20 MB) from Henry V performed by Ken:

You Tube:

Patrick Doyle thanking Ken (and a glimpse of Alan) (12 MB)

You Tube:

And again many thanks to catsplay who probably screen capped till early in the morning.